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Kara is a cryptocurrency network extending directed acyclic graph architectures as a consensus algorithm and distributed Proof-of-Work. Through the use of industry standard big data technology in conjunction with the parallelizable architecture, Kara is a successor to conventional blockchains in the sense that it generalizes existing blockchain and smart contract architectures and makes them usable on a global scale. Because of this and the unique design simplified pictured below, Kara has the potential to exist as the only platform of its kind comparable to the Internet. Kara focuses on economically important key use cases. Custom token issuances, market exchanges, mining and smart contracts are supported.



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Markets for cryptocurrency, gold and fashion etc. can easily be realized by creating new token equivalents. Companies can publish stocks and use the Kara network. The existing stock markets can be fully integrated by using Kara as a financial back-end.


Under the assumption of trustworthy suppliers issuing authenticity tokens, it is trivial to track product authenticity via token transfers. This allows the trustless tracking of inventories in supply chains for consumers and middlemen alike.


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